Rajasthan Attractions

Rajasthani Dress

Women's Dresses: The women dress in either sarees or ghaghra cholis. Sarees may be either cotton or silk and are generally embroidered. Colored stones, tinsels and silken threads are used to create beautiful floral patterns and traditional motifs and enhance the rich look of the saree. Depending on the economic ampleness of the family the embroidery or zari work may be done with golden and silver threads and semi precious gems may replace the showy colored stones. Tie and Dye, Bandhani and block printed textiles are the common choice.

Men's Attire: Banda, Bugatari, Pachewara and Khol form the traditional costume of the rural men. A dhoti is a long white cloth skillfully worn around the waist and draped to form gracefully loose breeches. An Angrakhi or a Jhari is a jacket like garment worn to cover the upper body. The Angrakhi may be short frock styled known as ‘kamari angarakha’ or long knee length garments. A shawl or Dhabla compliments the men’s attire. Muslim men are given to wear Achkans and Kurtas. The kamarband or patka is a waistband (mostly simply a piece of cloth tied across the waist) that aids in holding a weapon or arm tucked into it.